Must Read: Church And Ministries, Pastors Callings, Titles, Temptations, Suicides, Sins, Etc…Part 1.
A genuine five fold ministry Minister of God Almighty who is called to bear burdens of so many and different challenges of himself and others and to resolve the burdens by the virtue of his calling cannot commit suicide for any reason. Let’s continue to be sober and vigilant. Obviously every human being created by God has a special calling from God to run in accordance with the sound Biblical principles and doctrines and by the leading of the HolySpirit as precious children, sons and daughters of God and obedient God fearing workers not as Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers…Eph 4:11-12, but
It’s unfortunate many people we have and see in our midst, in the Churches and in the Christian gatherings and thus in the Society bears these titles as Pastors etc but they are not to be honest. We know there are so many fake of them which the Bible told us earlier but one of the problems of the Church is that a lot of the Christian Church members and fans today cannot identify them because of their little faith, inability to subject, to surrender and to submit themselves to the sound reading, teachings and doctrines of the Word of God and the HolySpirit, I mean lack of training, godly discipline, necessary workshops/seminars such as new comers foundational class, proper teachings of the Christian lifestyles and HolySpirit baptism with prayefulness, only few matured Christians are able to know the truth and believe the truth and equally try to identify the non genuine Christians and Ministers in our midst today yet upon some how some of them are falling victims being deceived…Mt 24:24. On the other hand a genuine Christian such as child of God, servant of God and a five fold ministry Minister can fall into temptation and problems and possibly can be revived and be restored as he/she repents and the elders counsel and pray for him/her but this is a different case altogether not as faking titles, ministries, Churches and Christian programs and activities etc as we see today. In summary let us pray for the maximum prosperity I mean establishment of the promises of the Holyspirit and the Word of God in the spirit soul and body of the Church and all the members and equally pray to do all and run in accordance to the will of God as we labour to remain submissive to our greatest Leader, moderator and mentor and thus humbly and faithfully be lead by Him so that when the founder and the owner of the Church will come to take His bride will not be blemished and with wrinkle in JESUS CHRIST name….www.jesuskingdomintl.org#…..UCHENNA EZEANOWAYI.

Author: Uchenna Ezeanowayi

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