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Jesus, the Shepherd’s Voice

Do you know Jesus, the Good Shepherd? Would you like to be His sheep? Would you like to know His voice?

Ah, yes you can; but, first, you must not listen to that other voice anymore.

Now, when you are quiet, you will hear the gentle voice of Jesus calling you to give your whole life to Him. You will hear Him telling you to be sorry for all your sins and to confess them.

Maybe, sometime when you were very still, you were thinking, “What shall I do with all my troubles and burdens? I wish I could be good. I wish I would be at a place where I’d never be hungry or sick anymore. What will happen to me when I die?”

And maybe you have had many more thoughts. That is the voice of Jesus calling you.

Sometimes do you feel sad when you don’t even know why? Or do you feel lonesome when you are not even alone? It could be because you are lonesome for God, the One who made you and loves you. He is the Shepherd calling for His lost sheep. He is calling and calling, and seeking and seeking you!

When you hear the Shepherd’s voice, answer Him. Tell Him you are sorry for your sins. Tell Him just how you feel, and ask Him to save you. That is praying.

Have you ever prayed to the God of Heaven? Do it now. He will hear you and understand you. He will give you the peace you are longing for.

Wouldn’t you like to be His sheep and know His voice? He wants to be your friend. He will take away your burden of sin. You will feel happy inside. You will be loving and kind like He is. He will help you to overcome your fears.

Even if others would mock you for being a Christian, you know that Jesus will take care of you. Even if the stranger would tempt you again, you must trust Jesus to help you overcome.

When you are safe in the Shepherd’s loving arms, you know that at the end He will take you to His wonderful, happy home with God to live with Him forever!

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