A young man was sent to jail for a punishment he did not commit. He wondered, where God is, does he exist, why is this happening to him? He made a positive move with faith that whosoever believes in God will be set free. In the middle of the tunnel you can go to Him in prayer and make your request known. Know he is watching you and will answer.

The young man was vindicated after making his supplications known to God. Today, he is a free man giving his testimony of experiencing possibilities to the glory of God the Father.Do you quickly lose confidence when you fail or do not succeed at something? Do things that appear easy and extremely possible for others can be challenging and seemingly impossible for you? Be of good courage! Today that which is beyond the bounds of possibilities for you is not in the presence of God who created heaven and earth. 

You are not alone in this! Mark 10: 27- says with people it is impossible but not with God, for all things are possible with God. You constantly need to overcome obstacles and flood your world with possibilities. 

Over time, you have to use the mind of possibility to build yourself a castle where certainty wins over uncertainty; possibilities wins over impossibilities.

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