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Equipping You to Walk in Possibilities.

In the world today, people build castles for the unexplainable situations they experience. They keep dwelling in their past glory while accepting their present tormenting situation and eventually label it to be impossible. 

Some to an extent do series of prayer and fasting to change their situation but all to no avail. A lot of persons have been mentally derailed, unstable, distressed and frustrated into committing suicide, atrocities and so on. They fail to walk through the moment’s of  possibilities.

Thus, this book is written to take you through the moments of possibilities, transforming those abnormalities to begin to work in your favour. It will make “dry bones in your life to rise again” The bible made us understand that with the word of God prophecy into those impossible situations just like that of Israel in Ezekiel 37: 4-11, every dry bones shall rise again Furthermore, this book will also enlighten and enable you walk in moments of possibilities.

 The moments of walking in possibilities is here and now. It is high time you walk in possibilities because God is fully capable of equipping you to walk in possibilities. 

Walking in possibilities is a phenomenon in which one appreciates, honour, accepts, receives and is most hungry for the word of God which eventually helps one overcome his/ her difficulties and problems in life. Life is full of tribulations. John 16:33 says these things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye shall have tribulations,  but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

Hence, it is certain to face challenges and impossible situations in life but God in His word made us understand that He has overcome the world with its tribulations. 

Therefore, this book will help you through the moments of walking in possibilities by acquiring important criteria needed to go through the process of walking in possibilities.

It will further expose you to the realm of possibilities and will eventually make you experience possibilities in areas where curse, sickness, barrenness, chronic failure, limitations, and financial setbacks have dominated your life situations. 

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