Archive: June 12, 2024

Prayer in The Face of Hard Times

Proverbs 18:10 says: “The name of the LORD is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe

My God and my God revive and restore your people Lord, to command possibilities to prove you in the face of hard times.. lord equip your people miraculously, graciously because I know that equipping your people to command heaven to move spiritually and physically to command the earth to move spiritually and physically to command every situation to give way spiritually, physically ,materially, technically is possible and I know that the almighty God you are faithful you don’t want us to move out of your track, you want us to enjoy everlasting peace and safety, he does not want to see disaster O, Lord thank you for the moment of walking in possibilities .

Thank you for reaching the un-rich, thank you for every door, every medial were by every soul in this generation will be reach and be moved , will be open, let every mind, soul, heart, spirit be connected to this heavenly kingdom program, let their salvation be restored let the life of everyone be restored and let everyone know that you are with us our life our thought our words our character and behavior will be excellent and to command possibilities in the face of impossibilities, to command possibilities in the hard times but with you, it is written in the scripture that noting shall be impossibly with you. Give us the grace to demonstrate your words in Jesus name.