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“ENDS TODAY”….Prov 3:5-7, Mt 3:3, 2 Cor 4:16, As JESUSKINGDOM People all over the nations of the world concludes the 14 Days RENEWAL Program today!!! I earnestly pray and decree we continue to determine, to dedicate our lives to the most creative and powerful word and voice of God Almighty diligently and may we continue to experience absolute RENEWALS that will give birth to fulfillment results in every aspect of life to make our ways straight before God as He makes His ways straight before us and in our lives and may we know Him and may we be known of Him to remain steadfast and may we always revolve and reflect His nature in character, in attitudes, in behaviors in powers and may we touch lives and overcome the greatest challenges of confessing and manifesting and converting as many others we can reach out all over the world with the true gospel of eternal life and possibly turn them to CHRIST JESUS till He comes physically to take us His brides in JESUS CHRIST name….UCHENNA EZEANOWAYI. General Superin