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The Most Scarce And Security Personnel You Needed In Life

The Most Scarce And Security Personnels You Needed In Life…Vol 1
The Best Security Personnels Around You!
The Biggest Security Personnels Around You!!
And The Most Caring And Loving People Around And Within Your Life Are….
(1) Those people who are fund of sharing with you the real truth about the good or the bad things they noticed about your life with simplicity and without fear of favour.

(2) Those people who have the motive to be a blessing to you either by following your steps or to guide/lead you in some important aspect of life.

(3) Those people who have the motive to assist you or to support you with a pure genuine spirit and heart until your life is established, accomplished and fulfilled.

(4) Those people who never wish you bad or evil and will not plan or plot bad things or evil to befall on you or your life.

(5) Those who have the thirst and the hunger to bring the best of things and results out of you.

(6) Those who always want to see you protected, succeed, grow and be blessed.

(7) Those who always wants to hear goodnews about your life and in your life.
Scriptures to digest….Heb 10:24, Math 5:13-17, Gal 6:9, Mt 7:12.
For Counseling and Prayers!! Feel free to contact the Author…UCHENNA EZEANOWAYI
Watch out for Vol 2.